Faena Forum

Location  Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Types  ,

Client  Faena Group

Design Architect  OMA*AMO

Collaborator  BOS|UA

Year  2015

Status  In Progress

Photo Credit  BOS|UA

Atlantic Hotels in Miami Beach is an ongoing collaboration between Office of Metropolitan Architecture and BOS|UA. The project consists of three conceptually distinct buildings for a three block site along Collins Avenue. These distinct functions are linked by a sequence of public domains including a plaza, courtyard and marina dock. Culture is at the core of Faena’s vision, and has been the driving force for our collaboration in Miami Beach.The Faena Art Center is divided into two volumes - a cylinder that accommodates gathering spaces and a cube which is a hotel and meeting spaces. The Faena Bazaar is a renovation of the historic Atlantic Hotel, built in 1939. We introduce a new courtyard to the buildling extending the public domain in and through the bazaar. Faena Park is located on the third site, utilizing mechanical parking for maximum efficiency. Retail space connecting the ground and top level , weaving and integrating the third site into the Faena District.